HELP I’ve made a questionable life decision!!I’ve started a small streetwear business. Any tips on growing my audience on Instagram?

Check out my Instagram:


  • @Claudio Marseglia Hi Claudio thanks so much for your reply!! Your advice is super super useful. I've tried the hashtagging, I would say I'm only getting a small interaction from that though (maybe I'm not doing it right!) I'll defintely look into collaborating with larger pages though.

    I would love it if you could have a look at my Instagram and see where I can improve and maybe suggest how to grow! (only if you have time though). It's @byondthelines.

  • @Mikey Firbank Thanks soo much for the advice!! I've taken my own shots using my phone. Your photography is amazing! I don't think I need any new images yet but would love some feedback on the current ones if you have time though!

    If you'd like to have a look this is my website: and Instagram: @byondthelines
  • Well done for taking the leap!
    What're your current images like?
    We offer a free test shot for new clients if that's any interest.
    Start with liking similar brands/people in your local area. Once you've built some traction locally it will algorithmically broaden your reach. Get lots of content and keep plugging away. Make sure your website is up to scratch or you'll never make sales.
    Good luck.
    Get in touch if you need some nice images.

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