Natasha Phang-Lee

Natasha Phang-Lee

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Natasha Phang-Lee

Natasha Phang-Lee

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I illustrate as a way of visually expressing my experiences and views of the world. Whilst leading the design team for my Uni magazine, Impact, I was exposed to a range of styles and creative processes. Discovering my own style beyond magazine design and finding different subjects I was interested in depicting, I thought it was the right time to begin sharing my work. I was taken aback by the amount of interest and interaction with my illustrations. And this made me think: if people were actively engaging with my work, could I use art as a way to add a bit of fun and colour to people’s lives and make them appreciate the world around us? As you’re reading this, you can probably guess what the answer was! Art has the power to make us laugh, make us cry, make us think. It can transcend time, transporting us back through our memories or catapulting us into the future - an expression of who we are - It can offer us a different perspective on life as we look through the eyes of our friends, family and fellow humans. My vibrant illustrations are centred around creating an emotive feeling within people. Whether using a T-shirt, a print, or even a surface pattern to connect, I believe it is through harnessing this power that we can learn to appreciate all that we have around us.
  • Glossary for Shado Mag
    Glossary for Shado MagCommissioned to design the Glossary for Shado Magazine - I was inspired by the breadth and variety of topics Shado covers in its articles.
  • Easy Italian
    Easy ItalianItalian food is one of the most well-recognised and loved cuisines out there. For some, the thought of cooking authentic Italian food may be intimidating but Letitia Clarke's recipes are solely based around only a handful of ingredients. Here's series of illustrations to accompany Letitia's article - find it on the Mob Kitchen website.
  • Fermenting Fever
    Fermenting FeverGot any leftover fruit or veg lying around? Why not have a go at fermenting! This series of illustrations was done for the amazingly delicious Mob Kitchen. Head over to their website to get some fermentation inspiration.
  • Tortillas!
    Tortillas!Illustrations for a Vittles Newsletter article on the versatility of tortillas!
  • Plantain
    PlantainIllustrations commissioned by Vittles Newsletter for an article on Plantain.
  • A Chef in Lockdown
    A Chef in LockdownAn illustration commissioned by Vittles Newsletter for an article about a chef in lockdown.
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Projects credited in
  • Koibito Magazine
S/A 20
    Koibito Magazine S/A 20Digital copy available now
  • any segment magazine issue 01 preview
    any segment magazine issue 01 previewDuring a time where recognition for artists is becoming harder and harder, even when the market is saturated with such talented people, I decided to create a side project in order to give people wider recognition and deserving publicity associated with their fabulous work, a project that included a celebration of the modern art world and all the perceivable delights that come with it. It was also started in support of charity, for those who may be suffering the most at this moment. In the first
Work history
    Freelance IllustratorMOB Kitchen
    United KingdomFreelance
    Responsible for creating artwork to accompany contributor food articles for the Mob Kitchen website. Understand working to a deadline and communicating with a company to fulfil a brief.
    Shado Magazine logo
    Shado Magazine logo
    Freelance IllustratorShado Magazine
    United KingdomFreelance
    My illustrations have accompanied Shado Mag's articles, which operate at the intersection of ‘art, activism, and academia’.
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  • Digital Illustration
    BSc Industrial EconomicsUniversity of Nottingham
    Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Best Magazine Design NominationStudent Publication Association
    As Artistic Director, my team and I were one of nine teams nominated for the Best Magazine Design out of all the student publications in the country (academic year 2019-20). We believe our magazine got a nomination because of our engaging illustrations, which are colourful and also relevant. Leading the design team, I have tried to emphasise the need for the design to enhance the article not distract from it.