Hello! Just wondering how should I calculate my rates (I'm a junior freestyle illustrator) Any advice?


  • Hi Natasha!
    AoI are very helpful, also this might be a good reference

  • Hello!!

    As a base, I usually charge by day rate (8h of work per day), going by the max amount of days you think a project would take.

    If you're just starting out and havent taken on many commercial projects yet, a minimum creative graduate day rate starts at roughly £120-150, & this goes up the more experience you gain. But it's also about what you feel comfortable working for :)

    In addition to base rate, take into account any costs (printing, licensing typefaces etc) it might take to complete the work, and also how the client will be using it - charge more if they want to use it for a long time or in multiple ways/places.

    Hope this helps!! Feel free to ask if u have any questions :-)
  • Firstly, the first thing to work out is how much do you value your intellectual property. Then figure out do you chargrva flat fee or does it depend on how they will use your work. Print, Media, web, clothing. How many times can they use your work... So it may be you give them a charge for your work and or a licensing agreement.

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