Hey, does anyone know of any short story competitions taking place? Or any publications that publish work from writers without agents?


  • @Brinda Wachs

    hi brinda. So sorry I never got a notification for your message! I have a lot of different ideas I’ve started but when it comes to finishing them it’s really hard! I did submit a short story to an independent magazine and they are going to publish it so that’s exciting!
  • Thanks Emma for your question. The replies sent me down a rabbit-hole of writing tips and queries (“What is a short story?”). I recently wrote in rather stream of consciousness style but now turning into a short story (I think). What are you working on? Let’s have a short-story writer’s dialogue on The Dots:)
  • @Ani Hordle thank you!
  • @george crisp thanks a million!
  • Hi Emma. Writer's Magazine is worth a look

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