george crisp

george crisp

Freelance writer, translator, editorLondon, United Kingdom
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george crisp

george crisp

Freelance writer, translator, editorLondon, United Kingdom
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After all, there is nothing but failure. – Thomas Bernhard
  • Happy Birthday, Charles Schulz!
    Happy Birthday, Charles Schulz!You don't look a day over a hundred!
    BUY NOTHING DAYYep. It's 'Black Friday'. Haven't you got anything better to do?
  • Happy Together
    Happy TogetherIt's World Sea Turtle Day! Visit
  • The Great Whatsit!
    The Great Whatsit!What the heck is it? Animal, vegetable, mineral? Why is it so hot? Why is it glowing? When we finally figured out what this verkakte thingy was, it was too late... I still bear the scars. I'm still sworn to secrecy. I'm outta here. Ta.
  • Gigantor -- The Space Age Robot!
    Gigantor -- The Space Age Robot!Yep, after two dusty old reclamation jobs, I wanted to do something out of this world. Lo and behold! An old new classic got in touch (or rather I pestered them night and day) about a reboot, a childhood favourite no less, Gigantor -- The Space Age Robot! Onward and upward as dear old dad used to say!
  • Angkor Wat
    Angkor Wat'Anger what?' everyone asked when they learned I was leaving the desert for the jungle, from the frying pan into the bamboo steamer as it were. 'No, Angkor Wat is where it's at!' They didn't get it either. Go figure. Seriously, ladies and germs, I needed a change after years of unremunerated work, so when the invite to do the PR/Marketing for this little development came along, I jumped for joy (and on an aeroplane), courtesy of the new meal ticket, Khmer & Co ('Khmer already!'). As we say, 'We
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  • George Rafael
    George RafaelHe’d been doing this too long. He used to enjoy the rush, waiting out a rocket attack before plunging into a ruin to rescue survivors, sort out the dead. A game he had mastered, he was complacent about danger, untouched by human suffering. This young lifeless body he was handling, guts seeping out – nothing, a carcass, a slab of meat, food for the worms. But these, new Timberlands! Go through the pockets, cash, Euros. Dollars! He wouldn’t need these any – no, stop right there. Bloody hell. He’d
Work history
    Freelance WriterPublications Publications Publications
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    WRITING-EDITING-TRANSLATING: Everyone Knows It's Wendy, Perfect Sound Forever Short story, The Camel's Eye (a tale of conspicuous consumption), Postbox 4 Poems, New World Writing Book Reviewer, The Tablet Essay, The Man Who Loved New York, Slag Glass City Short Story, The Lost Episodes of I Love Lucy, McSweeney's Poem, Orpheus Calls Their Bluff, Panoplyzine Story, Kafka On The Beach, Ambit Flash Fiction, Timberland, Seed Story Two poems anthologised, The Servant & Evenings In The Great Cities, Greetings, Enthusiastic Press Contributor, Classical Music ebook, Sorcerer: A Life of Miles Davis, Endeavour Press Regular contributor, The Journal of Music Spanish to English legal translations, Publicis Blueprint Regular Contributor, Film Comment Essay anthologised, Contemporary Literary Criticism Contributor, The London Magazine Regular Contributor, The First Post Book, Miles Davis, optioned, Trihughes Entertainment Essay anthologised, Film Review Annual Contributor (chess articles), Encyclopaedia Americana Book, Malcolm X, Scholastic, commissioned but unpublished Stories, China Is Near & And Now For a Word From Our Sponsor, Southern Cross Review, (Arg) Contributor, Chess Life Regular contributor, Cineaste Contributor, Archipelago Regular contributor, Salon Regular contributor, The Colombian Post Book, Miles Davis, Grolier/Franklin Watts Regular Contributor, Weekend City Press Review, UK Contributor, Cross Section (JPN) Book, Salvador Dali, Chelsea House Contributor, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review Regular contributor, Art Review, UK Regular contributor, Opera News
    Registered CarerCarers Network
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Looking after Alzheimers patient 24/7, all health and household needs and finances; relevant courses taken through The Alzheimer’s Society; Zoom talks on music (Scott Joplin, Charlie Parker)
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    BASchool of General Studies, Columbia University
     - New York, United States
    BA English, autumn 1985. Deans List; also studied French, Spanish and Italian
    Archery Prize, 2d PlaceCamp Cholera
    A silver arrow and a jar of Smucker's.