Top 10: career advice tips for 2023

  • Asmah Mansur-Williams
  • Daniel Jones
  • Juan Carlzon
  • Giu Alexandria
  • The Broken Toy Company
  • Louisa Shaeri // SOLA
  • Jozoway ☯
  • Patrick Glavee
  • Shivanee Tailor
  • Ameena Rojee
  • Michelangelo Torres
  • Darren Higginbottom

Job hunting? Thinking of pivoting your career? Struggling with motivation? Working with a tricky client? We’ve got you!

We’ve put together our top 10 career-related questions for 2023 to help you navigate through the year ahead, no matter if you’re just starting out, or already have experience in the industry.

Click through to see insights, advice and top tips from industry mentors and our brilliant Dots community.

Got some thoughts of your own? Please add your own wisdom if you have anything to share, or pop this way to post your own question!


– UK Creatives: How have you set up your pension? Read the responses

– What’s your biggest challenge in running your own start up? Read the responses

– What's something you wished you knew before going into freelancing? Read the responses

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– Advice on how to find a mentor? Read the responses

– What is the one crucial piece of advice you would give to your 18 year old self that would’ve saved you so much time/money? Read the responses

– What do you do when you hit a wall with a project? Read the responses

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– What would you do if you are asked by the employer for ‘audition work’ (basically work for free) when applying for a job? Read the responses

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– I’m scared to upload my portfolio. Is it me or others feeling the same? Read the responses

– Freelancers: How do you manage stress? Read the responses

– Any suggestions on how to get out of a confidence dip? Read the responses

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– Portfolio showcase: how much work should I show? Read the responses

– What is the best website to build and create a portfolio? Read the responses

– How to build your portfolio if you haven’t been creating in a while (and where to start)? Read the responses

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– Does anyone have any tips for students on how to get into the industry? Read the responses

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– How do you deal with taking criticism as a creative? Read the responses

– Are there any freelancers who have advice for following up late payments? I’m struggling to make contact! Read the responses

– When a client gives you the feedback you believe is wrong, do you contend with your creative vision or make the changes? Read the responses

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– What bank do you use for business banking? Read the responses

– Does anyone know great sites to create a portfolio/website that don’t cost an arm & kidney? Read the responses

– Can anyone recommend a great co-working space in central London? Read the responses