Hey everyone! In the past 15 years Ive amassed quite the array of skills so I'm looking for advice on how to best manage & present the lot.

So in the past 15 years I've developed, both studying and working, innumerous skills that have divided my professional life in 3 (sometimes overlapping) fields. Design, Music & Events.

Ive been working as a Graphic designer for the past 20 years, and on the side Ive been a dj/collector and developed and produced innumerous events around music and art. Due to my event & music experience I got asked to be the Music Curator for the W Hotels and have been so in the past 3 years, with some major achievements and successful large-scale productions.
Besides this I also work as an Illustrator and photographer and am planning to start my own brand (clothing & art prints) and in the long run a community space for the creative & entrepeneurial hosting all sorts of events.
So do I include all this (design, illustration, creative direction, event direction, music curator, project manager, etc) under one "persona" or is this something that ultimately works against me by distracting and deviating possible clients/collaborators/employers's attention away from what I could eventually bring to the table as a very passionate, creative and dedicated professional?
Or best to divide all this into 2 distinct profiles? Saying:
1- Events, brand partnerships, music consultancy/curation... etc
2- Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, branding... etc

Cheers to anyone who actually had the patience to read this, its something that has been on my mind for years, curious if there's any input around.



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