Hey guys! I recently moved to London and I'm finding hard to find a job. I'm qualified so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong? Help!


  • @Amorina Spinardi Amorim I guess it's a numbers game - the more people you contact, the more likely it is you'll find success. You just have to keep going, which is hard when you're not getting any responses. Don't take it personally.

    As for headhunters, they'll contact you when they want something. I'd stick with approaching people directly - lots of people recruiting aren't using headhunters anymore in order to eliminate their fee to save money.
  • @Vikki Ross yes I've been doing that. Just not getting any respondes which can be really frustrating. :/ I'm also mensaging many headhunters, still no answers. I really don't know what else I could do.
    But I appreciate your reply.
  • Hi Amorina,
    I work in HR & Recruitment supporting tech startups.
    Firstly, it's not you, it's the market. And secondly, this is a blip and won't define your career.
    Right now there are a few hundred (if not more) applicants per role. So organisations are overwhelmed. The reality is that if a role is more than a week old before you apply, there are already several cv's before you and organisations don't wait for a role to "close" any more. They just review and interview until they hit jackpot.
    So a few things, look at how old the role is before applying. Apply in the evening out of hours so its further up the inbox (we all read top down), reach out to those that have advertised the role, follow the businesses you want to work with and get ahead of the game, write a cover letter that engages and is full of personality and just keep going.
    It will settle and roles will go back to normal volumes
  • Hey Amorina,

    Have you tried writing directly to anyone you want to work for? They won't know you exist unless you do. Most people's email addresses can be found on the company/agency website, Google, here, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

    Best of luck,

  • @Neil Pho oh really? My profile was written by a previous professional. I didn't like his work so I hired someone else to write my CV but I will fix my social media profiles now. Thank you for letting me know.
  • @Amorina Spinardi Amorim I based my comment on the errors in your profile and this question, and my experience of applications. I am surprised about your certainty with regard to your CV: perfection is hard and no professional is infallible.
  • We just had to go through 500 CVs. The first pass is always to get rid of those with silly English mistakes. Your CV is the one place where you really must make maximum effort.

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