Hey guys. please, I need constructive feedback regarding my website portfolio. https://temiadefolu.com/


  • @Temiloluwa Adefolu

    Completely agree with everything Tanel S says. Otherwise the work is great! and should be easier to navigate to, you wanna grab people straight away. Go to your favourite designer/agency/photography website and see how they have curated their work and what has been included to get an idea.

    However I personally think that presenting your process should be saved for a portfolio setting or a blog/IG which is linked from your website.
    A website is where people go to see resolved projects and final pieces.
    Where as a portfolio can include projects with their progress to show how you get to that resolution by solving problems, which is what employers and clients may want to see.

    Hope this helps

  • Here are couple of comments

    1) Intro page animation is too slow. Most of the time I see just black page.
    2) That colourful hello text seems really close to what Apple does. Even if it is not 100% the same it is one of the strongest visuals in homepage. Based on the overall look, layout and typography I can see that probably you haven´t worked for Apple and created that effect. So I would think if you want to choose something so strong to represent you.
    3) Copyright is 2021 - does give an impression that you don´t care about details. I know it happens to anyone and I have made that mistake a lot of times.
    4) Project page footer. Instagram text is misaligned. Again it is small detail however it shows how much you care.
    5) Would love to see more works with a unique approaches similar to this:

    6) Navigation is not clear and there seems to be too much clicking before I can see any real work.
    7) Work itself is interesting and seems to have a good style.
    8) Presentation could be better. Some projects load quickly and then disappear (fade away for a while)
    9) Commission page could use a bit of organizing and layout design. Some text is too close to images and typography could get a bit of attention.
    10) Skills diagram is unnecessary. What does it show that you know 80% of photoshop? I hardly believe that you know. Photoshop has so many capabilities from 3D, to retouching, and involves quite a lot. I am being realistic that after 15+ years of daily usage I know probably just 10% and if I need something specific I need to google. You could just list software you use or skills you have however no need to order these around proficiency.
  • @Mya Jones Thank you so much, Mya! I was thinking of including my process but now im certainly going to include it!!!
  • Hey Darling, my name is Mya and I’ve just viewed your portfolio site. I believe your work truly speaks for itself and I can tell there’s been a lot of effort into it. Regarding feedback I would look at including perhaps some of your processes, into your work overall or for some of your projects.

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