Hey guys! What are the steps to get your book published? And how much of it do you own at the end of the process?

Preferably answers from people with prior experience in the field


  • Hi Vittorio Longo,
    I pubhished my 2 of children's picture book using (for 2-5 ages) Amazon KDP. Amazon getting commission on your sells. You don't need to make a pre-payment to publish your book. If you like to check here is the link:


    Now working on my third Children's Picture Book, have no plan yet.. Probably, the best way is to work with an agency.. They do everything..
    Good luck!

  • https://www.evernote.com/shard/s574/sh/a6048f46-8a29-44f5-8312-0f5734563c9e/b83c2f71592efe9b4ce8a8ca9a50475a

  • A friend of mine is using Lulu and had good things to say about them.
    I've also heard you can do print-on-demand through Amazon.
  • 1. Find an agent (in the UK you can't/shouldn't approach publishers directly). Make sure you research your agents well and only approach the ones you think are interested in your work. Have a clear pitch ready, as well as a short bio of yourself and if you're pitching fiction, a synopsis.
    2. The agent finds you a publishing deal. Publishers handle everything - editing, artwork, marketing, all the legal aspects etc. The agent is there to represent your best interests. You always own your own work.

    Hope this helps.

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