Hey! I'd love to informally interview people on art, galleries, public spaces and AI/VR art engagement.

We’re out to make an app that helps support accessibility across the arts so this is where you come in! No matter your background, education and area of employment, you can help!

I'm inviting participants to join me for no more than 20 minutes on zoom so we can have an informal discussion on various things surrounding the area including:

- Art gallery/exhibition visits (virtual & physical)
- Apps
- Engagement with the arts (or lack of)
- What you would want to see more of/less off
- VR experiences (not necessarily art)
and so much more.

Consider this a fun chat with me! Bring your tea, coffee or beverage of choice, and lets have a chat.

None of your details will be shared publically or within research - everything will be kept anonymous, but calls will be recorded in order for me to collect data before I delete them.

If you're interested, please drop your email in the comments and I will send out emails soon.

Any questions- please don't hesitate to ask!

I really look forward to hearing from you!



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