Hey! I’m a digital marketing intern and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about creating a career in social media

I’ve applied for multiple jobs and I’ve been rather unsuccessful so If anyone has any tips to help me whether it’s working for a company or as a freelancer I’d be really interested


  • Hey there, I worked in social media for three years and literally knew nothing when I started.

    I would say definitely the way to learn it is to do it, find an agency that invests in its employees and is fast-paced enough for you to learn quickly.

    I would also recommend you look into Google Garage and Facebook Blueprint, where there are courses you can take and all.
    LinkedIn learning also has some courses.

    Feel free to message me. Would love to help :)
  • Hey,

    I'd say get some experience working with a company (if you can but it's also personal preference) before going freelance, it gives some great foundational experience. Gets you used to time management, dealing with deadlines and working to briefs and you're supported within a team. But make sure to note any big contributions you've made (i.e. increasing followers or leading a campaign) to stand out in your CV.

    The Dots has a really great range of people looking for digital marketers all the time, so keep checking other people's asks and try and avoid unpaid work, if so make sure boundaries are be made very clear, cause it's ultimately your time being given up.

    I've found people really respond well to visual examples of my work if that's via a website or a digital portfolio. So take screenshots of things you've designed, copy you've made, including links to work, etc and people will respond well.

    Most of the time, the people hiring digital marketers don't have much experience in it themselves so they want you to come in and solve their problems. So you just need to show off and say yeah I'm confident I can help add value to your brand/business/company or I'm confident I can do this task for you.

    If you have any more specific questions, I'm happy for you to message me :)

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