Hey! I wanted to hear from anyone in scripted development about any job roles or how to break into that side of TV as I’m finding it hard.

If you know of any script reading opportunities either I would be so happy to know.


  • @Ken Williams thanks for the advice Ken!
  • Hey Emma, working on short films as a script supervisor is a great way to gain some experience. Film festivals are also always looking for new readers.
  • @Matthew B.C. thanks for the advice Matthew! I’ll take this on board!
  • Hey Emma! I got started working for Industrial Scripts. I cold called them with limited experience (but I did luck out and have a well-known director as a reference -- this came from not knowing anyone though and just reaching out via Twitter, it is kind of crazy tbh) and they put me on a trial run before giving me the job. That was 2015, however!

    My suggestion would be to cold call production companies and express your interest in script reading. You really can't email/call enough people, as many of these roles will be filled already. But it's really worth plugging away. Another aspect is to keep writing, and keep reading scripts. Always try to get better and put your work out there. Oh, and try and get something made ASAP! Present yourself like a pro, and other people will treat you that way too. Good luck!

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