Hi all, I'd love ask you a feedback about my portfolio. http://www.augustoalessi.it/portfolio.pdf


  • Hey Augusto :)
    Really nice portfolio.
    Here are a few thing's I would change -
    Increase the size of the jewellrey book, it is really beautiful and has some nice detail to it.
    The colour swatches could be taken out or even made a bit smaller.
    I would display the OGL event posters on their own as images, without the clips and shadow.
    I really like the Goodog project. It may be worth fleshing out the branding, to bring the logo to life evn more and give it a voice - maybe show it on a dog lead, dog bowl etc.
    Well done on all the great work!
  • Hi all, I'd also love to ask your feebacks for my stock photographs.
    any feedback is appreciated.
  • Hi Augusto! Found it really clean and refined! Especially liked the dog training mockup page. I would say to maybe make the CMYK colour blotches a tad smaller under the logos Xxx
  • @Augusto Alessi no problem, apologies for mentioning the hyphenation again (the other replies were not showing at the time)
  • Hi Augusto, I agree with what is being said, the hyphenations in the project introduction paragraphs don't make for the smoothest reading, I would also not have the text justified. I like the overall layout though, it is clean and satisfying to scroll through. I particualrly like the Nannies London branding. Some lovely stuff. :)
  • Hey Augusto, some interesting decisions with the profile section that definitely show off your personality.

    My main feedback (beyond the hyphenated text which has been mentioned already) is that your interface work for Herbaria could benefit from a better understanding of type for screens and general layout best practices.

    I'd up the weight of your text which uses ITC Avant Garde, as it is too thin for screens at the moment. I'd also add some padding to the left and right of the screen which would stop the icons and text being too close to the edges.
  • Hello! I just had a quick look, and I would pay close attention to your typography. Body copy shouldn't have hyphenated words, or any orphans, I would also stay clear of justification of text as it's creating rivers (space between words). These small things take attention away from the work you're actually presenting.
  • Hi Augusto,
    There are really nice touches to your portfolio, such as the biography map. I like how you used the same assets to show your language skills and as a progress bar so I know how far I have read.
    Personally, I found the hyphenations in the body text distracted from the clean layout, you could try justifying the text to fix this. There is also a typo under 'Project and jewellery', spelt jellery!
    Hope this helps :)

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