Hajra Mubashar

Hajra Mubashar

Graphic DesignerManchester, United Kingdom
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Hajra Mubashar

Hajra Mubashar

Graphic DesignerManchester, United Kingdom
About me
I am a designer looking to continue my career in an industry that's varied, exciting and offers continuous scope for learning. I am a graduate of Shillington College, a renown design college that emphasises industry skills, including the Adobe Creative Suite and a concept-based design process resulting in beautiful designs with ideas behind them. I am from a non traditional creative background as my degree is in biomedical science. But through increasing experience designing, I have found interesting and unique ways to incorporate both ways of thinking into my work.
  • MACFEST Flyer
    MACFEST FlyerA flyer as the main print item to promote a Muslim arts and culture festival, called MACFEST. My concept for this flyer was the idea that the festival brings lots of elements together for one purpose. It brings together lots of people of all religious backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities. It also brings together lots of creative disciplines such as art, music, literature, photography. Its tagline is also “celebrating arts and connecting communities”, so I wanted the design of the festival
  • Information Design
    Information DesignThis series delves into the multi-decade long process in which obesity has become a national health crisis. The stackable layers have accumulated over time, creating a world in which more than a quarter of the UK’s adults are classed as obese. This world has been fascinating to break down through the medium of data. I wanted to visualise these layers; from the scale of the food industry to the automation of everyday tasks, even down to the way in which stress can influence our hormones to promot
  • Information Design Series 2
    Information Design Series 2This project is second in my information design series, exploring the ways in which data can be used to tell a story, explain a process and simplify a multilayered topic. My focus this time is the UK's prison system. The UK has the highest prison population in western Europe, however knowledge of the system is generally not well known by the public. I wanted to take this opportunity to shed light on an interesting, yet concerning topic, as well as delve into the issues and statistics that emer
  • Information Design 3
    Information Design 3This series is third in my information design series, looking at the ways in which data can tell a story, explain a process, and simplify a multi-layered topic. This series was examining the effects of a large scale historical event that I wanted to learn more about. As a British Pakistani, learning about the Partition was important in order to gain a deeper insight into my geographical and cultural heritage. Despite the UK’s involvement in the Partition, and the way it shaped and affects Sout
  • Shades
    ShadesShades is a data viz project looking at the ways in which data can be used to tell a story, explain a process and simplify a multilayered topic. Each topic is a topic I wanted to learn more about, but I have tried to design it in a way that others may be able to learn from it too. It was to appeal to people who love to take in new information and learn more about the world, but who also appreciate interesting design. In the world of “Twitter facts”, opinion pieces and political bias quite lite
  • Travel Magazine
    Travel MagazineThis project was a launch for a new travel magazine. The aim of the launch was to appeal to a non-conformist reader, with the ethos being 'unconventional travel'. The main theme of my design concept was the idea of ‘getting lost in travel’ as opposed to ‘finding yourself in travel’ as conventionally said. I felt the disorder of a collage mixed with vector illustrations and photography conveyed this concept well. If looked closely, you can see the concept of getting lost further pushed, with an a
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Work history
    FreelanceFor Myself,
    Manchester, United KingdomFull Time
    So far I have designed a website, I have created a logo, branding and illustrations for a Youtube channel, I have helped design a poster for a local takeaway business. I have also been learning how to illustrate more complex vector illustrations using the pen tool.
    Presentation SpecialistMcCann Health
     - Manchester, United KingdomFull Time
    -I learnt a lot about how to use powerpoint in a more heavy duty, professional way than traditionally taught, I learnt to design layouts, make powerpoint presentations more visually appealing. - I was involved in the branding work of a consultancy company underneath McCann, I created visual concepts, branded social media posts - I drew a lot of scientific trial figures on Adobe illustrator so I have experience with quite technical drawings
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  • Graphic Design
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Drawing
  • Web Design
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
    Shillington logo
    Shillington logo
    Shillington Graphic Design CertificateShillington
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    I studied full time at Shillington school of Graphic Design. Shillington College is a graphic design school that offers full and part time courses. It is an intense course that is created to teach design in a way that would best prepare you for working in the industry. We are taught a cohesive design process that encourage us to think like designers and use the process to execute beautiful design that responds appropriately to briefs. Within the course structure, realistic design briefs are set, with the opportunity to apply many skills taught from the creative suite. Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator are all covered alongside Sketch. Briefs cover editorial, print, branding, web design, UI and UX design and packaging design. The course is very hands on, with plenty of contact and guidance from experienced teachers, setting it apart from graphic design courses at university. The course is taught through lectures, demonstrations and discussions. Furthermore each brief is set with 'industry timescale' deadlines; usually less than a day, or 1 - 2 days, which mean decision making, efficient ideation processes are emphasised. Despite the tight deadlines, students graduate with highly professional, well executed design portfolios.