Hi everyone! Recent MA Media & Comms graduate looking for more internships in production or entry-level jobs within TV + Film industry

Will accept unpaid positions on set to gain experience, so if anyone is looking for a hand or knows of any positions of the kind I would be very grateful!


  • It sounds boring, but if you don't have an immediate in, I'd recommend starting a spreadsheet (urgh, I know!). Make a list of as many production companies in London into it (google: london commercial production company or london post production company, depending on your interest) then either get the contact details of the office manager, head runner or head of research or development. If they're not on the site, just call and politely ask for an email. Many receptionists will block you with a generic email, but some won't.

    Every lead is worth a shot. Everyone's looking for fresh blood, so don't take no answer to mean you're not wanted. it's all about timing. Keep track of who you've hit up, how and when. If you don't hear anything for a month, try again!

    If you reach out over email, keep your message simple and short. Accompany it with an easy to read 1 page CV together with your experience and skills / proficiencies (mac / pc, adobe, microsoft etc). It's horrible to say it, but your education is garnish. They won't want you to contribute at first. They'll just need a willing capable pair of hands, ready to catch anything that's thrown at them.
  • Hi Paula,
    If you’re looking for a junior role, take a look at our jobs board:
    Remember to turn on the notifications toggle to be the first to know when new junior roles are posted!
    I’d also recommend applying for one of our Portfolio Masterclass events – they’re a brilliant place to get feedback on your work and get in front of industry mentors. Follow the page here:
    Oh, and also keep an eye for opportunities here:
    I hope that helps!
    Cathy x

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