Hi fellow creatives, If you can spare the time to give me some portfolio feedback I'll love you forever! https://www.katerinameccano.com

I'm applying for lots of roles and despite having 20 years' experience, I'm not hearing back. I'd love to work as an illustrator, get myself an agent. It's tough out there, it could be them, but maybe it's me? I can take it on the chin, thanks Kat


  • @Ruby Lindsay Thanks Ruby, I think I have focussed on the imagery up front instead of site navigation. I'm going to take a look at it. Thanks for your response and good luck with your path, Kat :)
  • Hi Kat,

    Thank you for sharing your site, you have very good consistent work showing a lot of skills straight away. However, I could see you could simplify the way people navigate your site.

    Starting with the top nav, I see what you are trying to achieve (including types of work) but that makes it even harder to navigate, as there are too many links. I would find a way to filter your work by those categories ( graphic design, branding, illustrations, etc) withing the work page, either by tag or drop-down menu maybe?

    Also going through your work there's no clear way when a project starts and when you have jumped to the next, at first I thought I was looking at one long project when in reality they were different. Some projects have very little or don't have a description, it would be helpful to explain a bit in-depth what the project was about and possibly add more pictures? maybe a sketch of the process or explorations?

    Also, the naming of the projects (even if it was a personal one) sometimes looks like "Katerina_Meccano_pickle.jpg" which doesn't say much about what's about.

    I hope this help, I think it looks great otherwise, I love your illustrations, they are ace! good luck

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