Hi folks! I'm a fresh design graduate from Shillington, is someone available to review my portfolio, please? https://manonprost.com/ ✺


  • @Katerina Meccano Thank you very much Katerina for your feedback, I really appreciate it! And thank you for your suggestion regarding my photography section, I'll edit it now! :)
  • Hi Manon
    Firstly, well done for following your passion - life is way too short to ignore what makes us tick!
    Your site is great, clean but quirky, I get a real sense of who you are through your graphics. I would like to see a little more copy on your photography - as it is your passion, tell me why you are drawn to shooting certain situations. Maybe something like "Armed with my Canon A1 and an Olympus Pen F, I love capturing the buzz and energy of street life".
    Hope this helps, and good luck
  • @Geoffrey Bunting Hi Geoffrey, thank you so much for taking the time to review my website! It really means a lot to me!

    I, indeed, have a huge love for typography and the 60s/70s style! That being said, you're right that I should experiment with other styles and get out of my comfort zone! Thank you again for your great advice!
  • @Béla Molnar Hi Béla, thank you so much for taking time to review my website! It really means a lot for me!
    Thanks for your feedback, I'll change 'I' instead of 'us' - I also think it makes more sense given my tone of voice.

    Take care too and hopefully speak soon!
  • Hi Manon,

    Congratulation for both the website/portfolio and your graduation.

    Your site looks great. Very clean and straight forward. I love the small but very effective fun and "makes you smile" elements. ie the gif logo with the icons constantly changing and text such as "Give us a stalk:"

    My only suggestion would be is to edit the copy through out and write in first person. So instead of "us" use "I"

    Good luck with the website and stay in touch as I might have some projects that could be an interest to you.

    Take Care


  • This is a great start. I particularly appreciate that you're not trying to hide your work behind a flashy, confusing websites which is a mistake a lot of graduates make. The simple, portfolio style is significantly more effective.

    You're clearly not afraid to experiment with typography and I think that stands you in great stead going forwardd as very little is as important, in design, as typography. The only thing I will say is that, while you obviously have a fondness for 60s/70s style, you should work to broaden your stylistic implementation so it doesn't appear that it's the only thing you're capable of working with. Cool and eclectic as that style of design may be, even now, the world has moved on and if/when that style returns to vogue it will, like all trends now, be fleeting and passing. So you don't want to lose out because you're locked in a single style - and that goes for your photography, also.

    Still, that'll come with time. As I said, this is an excellent start from which to springboard.

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