Hi, I am looking for Freelance 3D Design work specialising in Retail, Hospitality and other commercial sectors. www.m-c-p-h-e-a-t.com

I am a London-based 3D Designer for Brand Environments, dedicated to good work, high standards and always having fun.

I have worked with a number of leading agencies, delivering fresh, memorable and relevant design experiences for international clients in Retail, Hospitality and other commercial sectors for over five years. I am highly proficient in Vectorworks 2DCinema 4D and Sketchup, as well as confident in hand sketching to convey concepts and ideas. My biggest accomplishment to date includes working with Dalziel & Pow to develop a new identity for fashion brand Selected. From the initial define stage to design delivery, I oversaw the realisation of the concept in over 80 locations across China.

My work reflects my passion for inspired, thoughtful and functional design. I am also heavily influenced by contemporary art and travel, using my experiences to create work that is exciting and accessible to everyone.

I'm free to talk if you would like to discuss any opportunities. I've attached my CV & portfolio below and as a WeTransfer for your reference, or you can visit my website at www.m-c-p-h-e-a-t.com

Thanks again, Michael


  • Hi Michael,

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    I hope that helps!

    Cathy x

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