Hi! I’m a recent visual communication graduate and am looking for opportunities or feedback on my portfolio, any advice would be great!


  • I love the look of your work! A few things I've spotted that you could consider are maybe grouping some of the singular illustrations you've done into one project page. I saw a couple (Skateboarding Forever, Bloom and Yoga Realities) were related to lockdown and hobbies you've taken up so it could be nice to give these more context or a story.

    Also, something I learnt from my first job interviews was to show your best work - or it could be your favourite projects or ones you enjoyed the most!
    I have about 5 projects on my portfolio which helps me out a lot more in interviews because I know exactly what I'm going to be talking about.

    I was in the same position as you a year ago and know how tricky it is looking for the perfect job, nevermind in the middle of a pandemic! Good luck ☺️

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