Hi, kinda new round here. I am a Graphic designer/illustrator/ problem solver. Any advice for someone trying to build up a client base?


  • @Xavier Segers I'm guessing you have to pay for the agency's services, right? How much was it, if you don't mind me asking?
  • @Enzo Grandio There are recruitment agencies that specialise in sourcing talent for design and ad agencies. So usually they are in contact with companies and individual clients that are looking for specific roles. So in my case I went to one and they paired me up with an ad agency that was looking for someone like me at the time.
  • @Xavier Segers What do you mean by a "recruiter"? I've never heard of anything like that before, so please tell more!
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  • Hi Tom,

    I think for many freelancers, being proactive is the key to your next client.

    Maybe it's good to make a list of potential clients you want to have and approach them. Maybe there is a specific industry you want to tap into. For example startups are usual hungry for visual problem solvers.

    Alternatively when I started out as a freelance designer/illustrator, I used a recruiter to get me into agencies and that's how I started building up my portfolio and network.

    Also being in a network of peers could come in handy. It's good to pass on work when you're too busy or receive some to help somebody out.

    Veel succes nog en als je vragen hebt, laat maar komen!

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