How can studios make their space more diverse

Research for university project


  • Allowing for access into internships without a degree, help develop people’s design skills through projects allow them to offer a route even if it’s not selected they get a chance to get an idea of the steps you go through
  • Have community members come into studios to show their businesses understand key organisations that are meaningful to their community and see how that studio can partake in helping it expand/stream line/be more accessible uplift their design to broaden their reach in communities
  • @Raafaye Ali mentorship, offer free design classes teaching software allowing them to get a sense of how you go through various steps of design from strategy, research, from mood boards, types of questions to ask clients, understand various steps and how to safe guard themselfs from exploitation being mistreated
  • Offer dedicated probono time to projects for local marginalised businesses and community projects, offer paid internships or free talks, offer opportunities to help uplift marginalised creatives portfolios by working on one of their projects/ideas utilise positive discrimination to select placements for internships such as affirmative action in America. Reach out to those marginalised communities by going into their schools universities etc, partner up with youth organisations, have a pot of money put aside which are cut from profits that pour back into these types of initiatives show transparency as to where your profits go into and how they are about taking real action rather then just expecting them to find you

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