How do I get a pull letter from magazines?

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling to find any magazines which will give pull letters for fashion editorials (thats if they even reply to my emails)

Anyone have any recommendations of magazines they know which do give out pull letters or got any tips on how to get replies?

Thanx :)


  • @Sam Thirgood My pleasure mate, I totally get how difficult it can be to get them x
  • @Kid Circus thanks for replying. Really helpful advice. Going to review my pitch emails and see if I can fine tune it. Just gotta keep at it.
  • Heya

    I think often it comes down to a few things:
    -Checking the work you already produce is a fit for that magazine
    -Coming up with an idea or concept that you believe is a fit for that magazine (in both cases, researching the title in question is a must)
    -Ensuring you have a team that can help you execute the shoot (and mention them accordingly in any emails you send out, along with links to their websites and instagram accounts). This reassures the magazine that you have a group of people whose work shows that you can create the images you have in mind.
    -Attaching a pdf of moodboard images that that reflect what you're aiming to achieve, so they have a clear idea of whether it is a fit for their publication

    Sometimes tho' it can be down to to luck and timing - that particular publication may have already had an approach by someone with a similar idea or styling, and therefore may not be not on providing a pull letter to someone else for a similar concept.

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