How is Covid treating everyone? How are you using your time?


  • Got Hubspot certified, working on my novel, improving my Mandarin, lots of walking and cycling.
    Also, lots of time to just rest my mind, reflect. Looking at learning video editing.
  • @Leonard Regazzo ah sounds productive. I'm doing the same. I going through all my old work and getting ideas. I do wonder what will happen after. Either everyone will be bust or they may want to come back with a bang and use us to market. I guess it all depends how soon. We can use this time to try to be the best at what we do so they choose us when it comes.
  • Hi Marcus thank you for asking, I retouching my photography projects around the world, re-design my portfolio to find my first job in London in a respectable agency, that with the seal down I’m skeptical than ever on succeeding with my this specific goal. Here since September 2019 attempting on getting a contract is a while. But finding ashtanga yoga one of my skills.
    How about you buddy?

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