How to break into a creative role with no creative background?

Hey everyone, I’m Jude (aka Joodelz). I started Joodelz at the beginning of this year as a concept on my window. I digitized my window doodles and recently started making them public after some positive feedback. I realize I’m new to this journey, but I’ve been creative and artistic my whole life, an experience I’m sure many of you can relate to.

Now that I’ve told you my life story, I’ll get to the point. I’m passionate about creating characters, giving them back stories, and creating comic or cartoon-esque works. I would love to know how I can turn this passion into a career. My background is psychology, but I’ve been looking for ways to break into a more creative role.

I only have one project posted that I designed for Pride, but you can check out @joodelz.doodelz if you’d like to see my other work. (Portfolio is currently a WIP).

If anyone has any tips and tricks, feedback, etc. I’m a sponge for knowledge and I’m ready to soak up your info. Thank you in advance.


  • Hey Jude, get creating and get connecting. Some advice in here (it's mostly for copywriters but the guidance applies to everyone):
  • Myself and a collegue got entry roles in a PR agency me as a Jr Creative Producer (Video producing and stills work) and he works as a Digital Designer. Both no experience direct to the role, but but lots passion and small exposure to the work we do today. We both responded to a paid intern role which was for 3 months intially we were both offered full time well paid roles and the end. I also work freelance on side, prior to getting the job I was getting paid work doing actors headshots.
  • @Anthony Young hey Anthony! Thanks for your response. I’m pretty active with what I create/doodle, though I haven’t made all of it public yet. I have a difficult time curating that for other people’s viewing pleasure. I think the biggest obstacle is cycling between feeling proud of what I’ve made to doubting myself and questioning my judgement. Is this something you’ve experienced?
  • Hi Jude,

    one of the greatest things about being a creative is that you don't necessarily need to have qualifications as your work speaks for you. Maybe this might help you get inspired and create some projects along the way.

    Above it all create what you love and show it. Tell peope about your journeytoo and they will see your passion and support you too.


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