I am looking for a fashion photographer to shadow?


  • Hi Amzy, if you're still looking for people to shadow, here's an approach you can try out:

    First of all, search The Dots/Insta/the web for fashion photography that stops you in your tracks. Work that's jaw-dropping, affecting and inspiring. These are the people that you need to be shadowing. If there's something about their work that you'd love to be able to recreate or re-interpret then they're the ideal candidates to help you level up. Make a shortlist, ensuring where possible that they're local to you. Aim to have about a dozen to start with but be on the lookout for others who you can add.

    Next up, reach out to them. Not with a request to shadow them, but with a proposal for shadowing them. The difference here is that you're going to clearly, concisely and confidently outline what it is about their work that grabbed your attention, what you'd like to learn from them and what you can offer in return. Often when we contact people with a request, it's really open-ended and vague. That makes it hard for the people we're asking to know if they can help and means that they're less likely to reply.

    If you tell people exactly how they can help you and you can articulate what you'll bring to the party in terms of your skills, enthusiasm and passion, it's far easier for someone to favourably consider the collaboration.

    Always remember that you have lots to offer and that your eye for photography, skill and investment in your craft has value. Don't give that away for free. Trade it if you want to, but make sure that you're getting lots of value in return. Outlining exactly what you want from any collaboration will help both parties to deliver great value.

    Hope that helps!

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