I am looking for someone really talented with fluid (water) simulation for a short animation ad for a Vitamin commercial. paid job btw!

I think it's actually not that complex and the concept is really simple. I have the basic knowledge of Cinema 4D myself, and I would probably be able to do the shot by looking at the right yt tutorials if i had the time.

A Vitamin Bottle emerging to the air from under the water surface. It comes right up towards the camera. That's it, a wonderfully lit scene with realistic reflections on the bottle for the final shot.

If i had to make a reference which will sound surreal according the budget diff since we are a small business...

I would say the Mandalorian series scene with the ship coming out from the ocean is incredibly well done. - https://youtu.be/2Wmocp4iHvA?t=423

Please calm down first and let me tell you that I do realise how money affects the outcome in the digital and creative industry, most of the times.

If you know someone or you think you could work with me on this, please contact me in a direct message or write me an email to: itsmarkclive@gmail.com

I wish you a lovely day,


  • Hi Mark,
    Are you thinking of having the scale the same as this ref? Like a MASSIVE vitamin bottle? The ramifications of processing really aren't the same if you're thinking of a normal size bottle, which would be *heaps* easier to deal with.
    Is the Mandalorian ref a bit of a red herring?
  • @Luke Freeman Yep that might make more sense, thank you for the advice Luke!

  • @Mark Lorincz Dealing with realflow in 3D doubt many on this platform could have the manchine to push the examples you are trying to achieve.

    I’d rather point you to those who have experience.

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