I'd like to hear from sound designers, for feedback and possible collaboration, on a short I am completing.

I'm finishing a short film with a name actor, that is all about the sound design. No dialogue.

Been working on it for a while and could do with some fresh thoughts.

It's a no budget short, so I'm not able to pay, but it is a really fun one from the perspective of sound. Shot by an Emmy winning DoP, starring a recognisable actor with a cult following.

Would love to connect with people with audio expertise, who would be up for giving me a few minutes of their time to feedback on the cut.

Thanks for your time.



  • Hey man, this sounds very interesting! I have just come off the back of another short with no dialogue that was all SD focued so give me a shout, im sure I can be of assistance!
  • Also interested to connect on this if you need another perspective.
  • Hi Nadaav, sounds like great concept. Would love to hear more about it. Drop me line here or at kiprasmusic.com

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