I have been editing my website and would love some feedback www.hamzaallali.com, if anyone could spare a minute it will be great. Thank you


  • Great site. Modern and fresh.
    Only thing is I got a consent box for cookies in few places, as I was navigating through the site. Should be just one I believe.

  • Hello @Emer Boothman,
    thank you very much I appreciate it, I think letting the user scroll down to read more about me as you said, makes more sense and user- experience friendly.

    About 'I Love' and 'Spoken Languages' I will think about something creative
    Thanks again
  • Hello @Denis Mallet
    thank you very much I appreciate it, I will definitely fix the issues you noticed.

  • Nice work, Hamza! Strong sense of who you are throught the interactions and visuals.
    One thing I'd consider if the separation of the landing page, (read more link to) About page, and work page. I think you could let the user scroll down to read more about you, and have a more prominent CTA to your work page. As it is now, the user has to click the menu and then the work link to see what you've done.
    A little thing that I noticed is that I didn't realise for a while that the 'I Love' and 'Spoken Languages' were accordian-style headings to show the content. I think it'd be worthwhile showing that content permanently. You could do some nice micro-interactions whilst the text is still readable.
    Thanks for sharing!
  • i viewed it on a lapto. very easy to use. great choice of font and the buttons were easy to find
  • It looks really good! I like the strong and impactful typgographic look and feel. There seems to be some little glitches with the anchor points on the WHAT I DO pages. Also make sure your website is GDPR complient. At the moment your contact form collects user full names and emails but does not link to any privacy policy with GDPR infos. Also the contact form should have a tick box for the user to consent with your privacy policy before being able to send their personal details and message.

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