I just recently updated my portfolio and I am wondering if anyone can please give me a critique on it. www.trikutinaresh.com Thank you! �


  • Hi Trikuti,

    On the D&AD page, I feel like you really need to highlight that you won the One to Watch award (congrats btw!). I definitely think that should be right at the top of the page in bold as I almost missed it, and on the homepage I'd change the title beneath the photo to "D&AD - One to Watch Winner" so you instantly see it as it's really impressive! Again, similar on the JDO page - shortlisted thing should be at the top / in bold.

    I also think your descriptions on each page could be condensed down to a few lines because most people will probably glance at them.

    Final thing, I feel like you could be more consistent on your homepage with how you title things. Maybe consider giving the pages 'illustration' and 'ux / ui' more specific names like the others?

    Asides from that looks great, you have some fab projects on there :)
  • Hi Trikuti, how are you? Simple and straight to the point :) I second what @Tuca Silveira said a bolder type for homepage titles maybe. All in all, kudos. Any further feedback, let us know. Keep safe and take care.
  • Hi! You have a lovely portfolio Trikuti!

    I'd only suggest for you to highlight the content by making the images and banners full-width. Also, your copywriting is great and consise, would be nice if you could make the template playful with bolder type design choices on titles and description.

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