I’m approaching the testing phase of my first VR app and I’m looking for some advice on user testing

With the current Covid situation the ‘group session’ isn’t possible and I wondered if there are avenues to test online or specific businesses that deal with it?


  • @Melissa Sterry hey, thanks for reaching out and taking the time to write such a concise reply :) this is much appreciated and there’s a couple of insights there that I will apply. Would love to connect and speak further down the line.

    Thanks again Melissa
  • One of the start-ups I'm aboard with is in the same boat - rolling out the test phase on proprietary VR. Though this is the first time I've worked with a start-up in-test with VR, the approach I've recommended is the same as that used in tech start-ups I've worked in/with this past 1/4 century, which is 1. assume the test is going to throw-up glitches 2. assume fixing them will take double-to-triple the time you anticipate in the first instance 3. 'phone a friend'... ideally several, with expertise in the field, and that can be relied on to give you honest feedback. 4. If you're a start-up, odds on your funds are limited. One possible way to mitigate this challenge is to reach out to researches / students in related tech fields and ask if they would be willing to be your test-audience. 5. Before testing ensure to draw up a survey with around 15-20 clear questions from which the answers will give you incisive data on how aspects of your VR test went. Use a free survey platform to keep your costs down. 6. Keep your first test closed to invited participants only. But, as the test phrase progresses widen the user-test pool. 7. Once you've completed your first test phase bring your team together - internal and external and debrief in detail. Map your fixing route, test, repeat.

    Good luck.
  • @Amanda Anderton Hi Amanda, thanks for reaching out, I think you may be able to help later down the line of testing so I’ll get in touch then if ok? :) right now I’m interested in a smaller scope to get the ball rolling focused mainly on the initial functionality and the plans to ensure I know exactly what I want to be delivered will be delivered :)
  • Hi Chris.

    Have you documented your testing outcomes? What does success look like for you app. Happy to discuss further via DM if you want.


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