I'm having trouble setting up a LinkedIn Business Profile. Any Illustrators or Artists who can give me some advice?

My main problem is: uploading my illustrations from my laptop. I can only find instructions on uploading photos from my phone. Not really relivant to me!
Converting the ordinary account I've just set up into a business account. The instructions they give seem to bear no relation to what I can see on the screen.
I assume there must be visual creatives out there who've done this sucessfully. Any advice?
Thank you everyone


  • @Melanie Smith Thank you, I'll give it another go.
    Still think setting up my account on The Dots was easier!
  • hello Julia, I don't seem to have a problem uploading my images from my desktop into my profile(which is a free one). If you go into profile - Features section and it gives you an option to upload images. It does say photos, but you can upload any jpeg into this section. If you have any other issues, I'm sure the tech team at Linkedin can help. I hope my advice is helpful! Melanie

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