I'm interested in a career in Digital Marketing but I'm feeling lost on how to break into this industry. Any advice on this?


  • Hi Duke, as a photographer, you're very well set up to go into digital marketing, but there are a vast range of roles you could work in so I would suggest narrowing it down! Social is a great place to start, as if you are young you're a digital native. I have also self taught with social media, though I had a degree in fashion design, and then set up my own company where I learned marketing and have since gone on to freelance for many small businesses and am just breaking into the corporate world. I suggest you learn social media management with a marketing perspective, and develop a portfolio and pitch to support small businesses you admire. It is a long slog, I'm not going to lie, but if you're good at it and it interests you, at least you'll enjoy how you spend your time. Top skills to consider are: branding and brand identity, content creation (photography + videography and graphic design) copy-writing for captions and overspilling into newsletters and also strategic and analytical skills too. Hope this helps!
  • Tottaly agree with Diane and disagrees with Nicholas as I’m sure you know I’m big believer of the self taught mentality but companies will laugh at your face if you don’t present them with some experience or education my guess for Nicholas is that he had a good presentation and was lucky enough to land a job in 2012 a time where companies didn’t know much about social media where as in now to be a social media strategist you need are forced to have a an Adam Ed degree
  • I’m a social media manager and have worked in digital marketing for over a decade now. No degree, just self taught and self built social channels led to my first role. I applied for a lot and one day got my chance. Build the channel you want to work for. Learn the trade and prove your worth and look for opportunities. It’s not easy but it’s possible. I do all sorts of short courses, follow leaders in the space on channels like YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram and learn from them. Podcasts galore also helped with mindset.
  • I've worked as a designer for many years and have shifted into digital marketing. I am also currently doing a Masters of Marketing and Digital Communications through Monash. I agree with Ayub Bush, a degree and internship is the best place to start, unless you work in a parallel industry and can step sidewards like I have.
  • @Ayub Bush Thank you for your reply. I’m new on here and didn’t realise there was a whole other section where I could have explained my situation better. I graduated last year in Photography and have only really had two roles that somewhat fit this title. One paid and one voluntary. Nonetheless thanks for your help, I guess I will focus on getting internships!
  • Strat with a. Degreee and work as an Internship for a company and that should be enough or go for an apprenticeship

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