I'm looking for a creative social media manager to help with a new fashion page.


  • Thank you all for the reply, I'm pleased to announce that I have found somene here and we're in the conclusion stage.

  • Hi Darcie,

    I am a social media manager with lots of experience with content creating as I also run my own instagram blog. Would love to be involved!

  • Hi Darcie,

    I’d love to know more!

    I’m a U.K. based freelance social media manager and content creator with experience working in both b2c and b2b sectors.

    My website is http://www.palmdigital.co.uk and email is contact@palmdigital.co.uk

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Darcie,
    our company Amorsa Marketing is providing complex marketing outsourcing services, would be happy to hear more about this project.

    Connect me here or write me an e-mail to gabor.madari@amorsamarketing.com

    Thank you,
  • @Darcie Nova

    Hope that you're well!
    I believe I can help assist you with your problem as we have partnerships & current negotiations with innovative organisations managing their social media such as yours and would love to learn more about this amazing opportunity of yours.

    Beneath is our website and email so you can learn more about us and ask any queries you have & I hope to connect with you shortly.

  • Hello, I'm a social media manager and graphic designer. I would be happy to manage your page by posting regularly, creating effective content and helping you increase engagement.

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