If you could advise ways on how industry’s can change mental health stigmas do comment.

I’ve been battling with mental health since I was 14 and because a college drop out for that reason. I’m
Very high functioning and able to work at times but I know that’s not always the case.

I feel there’s so much pressure to do things that damage mental health; take up free work, being expected to work late; working in over or under stimulating settings etc.

As we work towards going back into offices I fear I may struggle adjusting. Also I’ve been working from
Since I was hired so it’s new ways or working vs old ways of working.

I also find a lot of places are quick to delegate any mental health support to external sources which is understandable but there’s also responsible on the internal.

I thought we could all share ideas a to help each other out.
To get the ball rolling;
Mental health volunteers,
Flexible work spaces including home
Non required work gatherings (team breakfasts give me anxiety)
De normalise breakdowns from work

Do share more below✌�


  • I think the first step is to normalise candidly speaking about mental health. It's still a bit of a taboo in a lot of places/cultures, and if people can speak openly about it, it becomes easier to manage and help and openly discuss.

    As you say there's a lot of pressure to do things that damage mental health, and a lot of our always-on tech/creative industries end up pushing people into working too much. The next thing should be simply being able to say no, ask for more time, more help, etc without needing to specify that it's going to damage your health.

    Culture at a company is usually set by people already there/leaders/seniors, and as Bakinam said, if they set a culture where people feel safe and comfortable, it becomes easier to talk about and make the necessary accomodations and changes for people's different requirements.

    Remote work is a good option, but if you plan on working from home, you ideally want to find a place that is strictly for work, rather than mixing your work/personal areas.
  • Hey Russie,

    I feel this is the time to speak up about mental health in our very demanding always on industry. A few actions I have taken as a lead in my team is normalize and speak about my own mental health openly, allowing others to feel safe. I have also approached everyone in my team who I'm aware of them having anxiety or depression and established that if they ever get overwhelmed or need time off, they can ask for it.

    I myself cry a lot in the office, I embrace that its my body's way of dealing with the stress cycle. I think vocalizing the need of mental health coverage and support from the company is also important.

    I think if seniors and leads allow that space at work to feel safe and acknowledge the stress that everyone feels, it would be a more comfortable environment for all.

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