Instagram launched its TikTok lookalike feature worldwide -Reels! It's almost indistinguishable from its competitor. What are your thoughts?


  • My feeling is that some social media platforms have been adding just too many features over the years. Hardly anyone uses the short stories on Facebook, for example.

    Besides, I doubt we will actually get to a TikTok ban in the United States, so the scope for this IG feature to take over TikTok looks quite unlikely to me.
  • It is really a good idea !!! As you know, TicTok as very much audience. So with this feature, another boost Instragram will have..!! Business Points
  • @Arjun Nayar sad but true. So many platforms now. The question remains, where can users get valuable content?
  • @Joe Carter I was thinking the same, it's a fast move for them with all the TikTok insecurity talks. As a marketer, I'm finding there are too many channels to consider now and there is the fear of missing out! I hope we can all get clarity on the data usage but if you are already on instagram, then I guess there is nothing to lose
  • @Antonio Willis haha don't turn it off until you try it first! Perhaps it will do well? With TikTok's future unknown in the US, who knows?
  • @Ella Jackson totally agree, too many social channels now. I guess as marketers we need to be vigilant on customer segmentation so we can use channels best suited to them

  • Instagram is getting really good!! This is the future and we must follow the river !!!
  • It’s a smart move by Instagram. They know the impending threat Tik Tok faces due to its Chinese links. However as others has said more data to Facebook! Either way it’s a bad deal for consumers, hopefully Apples new ios14 will give people a clearer view on where their data is going!
  • I'm annoyed because I feel like it's just going to be another thing for Instagram to judge us against in the algorithm. I'm growing my account, but I feel as though, at this rate, I'll need to spend all day on Instagram doing stories, IGTVs, creating content for my timeline, as well as engaging with others, and now reels, too?! It's a lot.

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