Is anyone able to provide some advice on creating an app for a start-up company?


  • And if you have any questions about my reply, say, about the Jargon, please ask. Jargon is just Jargon, but there is a sea of it in programming. Luckily I'm so old, I've seen it all and know what is relevant and what isn't. Happy to help.
  • I highly recommend learning the latest version of Swift for IOS, SwiftUI. Much much easier than UIKit. I know I'm using jargon here, but I'd recommend using the words UIKit and SwiftUI to decide where you start. The magic words are MVVM and SwiftUI- good, and MVC ( Model-View-Controller) and UIKit is the older and obtusely difficult one. Stanford does an Excellent online course explaining MVVM really well and it's free. I'd recommend downloading Xcode, then do the tutorial at Apple, and then the Stanford course. All free.

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