Is Behance worth it? I have a website but I am curious to know if having Behance helped with getting freelance work?


  • I think, Yes! Especially when you post a new project. I have exp to take freelance project on Behance. So you need to try
  • Behance is a universal and competitive platform. I've found a few jobs there. I've found far more time wasters though. If you license the Adobe suite you get a website and then your Behance and everthing are in sync. However when things go south with a client on Behance they are pretty hands off as I've just experienced. Twine is a little more proactive but they are also full of time wasters like people that want a music video for fifty dollars. Neither platform is ever going to make you rich!
  • Like most social platforms, Behance is a tool to connect, network, like and be liked with/by other creative professionals. It is not necessarily gonna get you work.

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