Is the entertainment industry all "WHO you know" rather than what you know?


  • Hi Jennah, just this morning a wonderful individual working on a huge project in the entertainment industry shared how they got some information for their project. Based on that feedback I would say it is a combination of:
    Communication - don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. This will expose you to many people, so possibly the ‘Who you know’ comes into play here. But more in an unexpected way rather than in an ‘king-of-the-castle’ way.
    Knowledge - the more you know about your subject the more passionate you can be about your subject. Passion draws people towards you.
    Passion - is important and sometimes starts without knowledge. Starts as a feeling and grows as you gather info.
    There are other elements such as belief etc but the 3 above are a good start. 🤗 attracting

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