LONDNR magazine is looking for new (paid) pitches for our next print issue! Details below :)

Any questions, please feel free to email them over. Looking forward to hearing any ideas you have...


  • Absolutely love to hear more!
    My details etc. are below.

    Name: Daisy Sells
    E-mail: daisy.writer@icloud.com
    Instagram: @sells.daisy
    Portfolio: https://www.clippings.me/sellsdaisy
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daisysells
  • Hi! I’m a photographer in London :)

    My website is https://jadeboycephotos.myportfolio.com/?fbclid=PAAaYg0hpM8OLywV_bsJQ_NuARSv5sunrBhtIoiQTNV9Yb-oc-49sx2oj3ktM if you’d like to take a look I would love to make some work with you !!
  • @Jacquetta Clark Please do! Send pitches to: grace@londnr.com (view themes in the image above, and for an idea of what we usually publish please visit LONDNR.com
  • Heyya I am a photographer I would like to know more about the project
  • @Lewis King Hi Lewis, thanks for the reply! Please email grace@londnr.com with any pitches or questions you might have :)
  • @Mia Chappell Hi Mia! Lovely to hear from you, the email is: grace@londnr.com
  • Hi,

    I'm Simran Kaur and I'm a fashion photographer and creative director based in London. I'm interested :)

    My website is


  • Hey Nina,

    I hope you’re well!

    I’m a photographer and I’d love to get more information about this

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