Looking for a full time motion designer - full job description here:https://the-dots.com/jobs/motion-designer-155264


  • Hey I'm currently working as a motion design with nft's and have experience with video editing too. But I'm located in Brasil, I'd love to know if is there any possibility to get in this one.
  • Better yet, just email Kate direct kate@studiomoross.com ;)

    If you use big bright bold colours based from sweets Kate is attracted to it.

    Here is a coverletter template:
    Subject: Life is short, work somewhere awesome

    Hello Moross gang,

    (use text highlight then set the colour text “Bob Marley” same colour as highlight colour)
    What do you call a printer that keeps jammin?
    Bob Marley highlight to find answer.

    Well let me introduce myself my name is ___ and my website is also ___ a  bit of a plug. I live in the rough part of London you get me, which is why I'll make the ideal gang member. Girl like me yeah will knock briefs out you get me.

    Attached to this e-mail is my bad boy CV/portfolio so if you like it hit up.
    Thank you for taking the time to view this application.


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