Looking for a future Cinema4D and Blender mentor to learn from! Does anyone know anyone willing to mentor or any starting advice?


  • @Richard Holt Yeah I have done a few of BG's tutorials they're good! I have jumped over to Cinema4D now and have signed up to a course in Jan. For now just youtubing and reading! hope its going well!
  • I've taught myself basic Blender during lockdown, all from YouTube. Check out BlenderGuru and Grant Abbitt's videos.

    Also https://www.gabbitt.co.uk
  • @Luke Freeman Cheers for the link I'll defo check him out. Product modelling is an area I am quite interested in getting into so this is perfect!
  • @James Dalby Hey mate thanks for the links and I did figure that would be the case and point with professionals. I am no stranger to learning things on my own. Just thought I would ask the universe anyway :)

  • For Blender, I got recommended...

    In fact I recall listening to the Blender Guru himself, Andrew Price's podcast who admitted in an episode that professional are typically not interested in mentoring beginners.

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