Looking for advice on creating 3D box set mockups please

I occasionally have to create mockup visuals of box sets and their contents and wondered if I could/should be doing it in a more efficient way than Photoshop hours and learning some 3D software and simply dropping in artwork to a template i create for the visual (I currently photograph the laid out white box sample then drop in artwork from flat pdfs using photoshop).

Any advice on process, learning, software, options gratefully received 🙏🏻 thanks


  • @Jakub Oleskevic Thanks for this, it looks amazing, how does it compare to Adobe Dimension for box set mockups do you reckon? I looked at that the other day and got excited by the possibilities, now I've got another contender!
  • Get into 3D! Download Blender, it's free and atfer a tutorial or two you'll be pumping those box mock ups like there's no tomorrow :)
  • Have you tried Adobe Dimension? It's super easy to use for 3d mocks. And in Adobe Stock they have models you can use and drop in
  • The easiest option will be using a CAD software and a rendering software afterwards to make it photorealistic. I personally use Solidworks and Keyshot respectively but there are a lot of software out there, depending on your requirements and budget. There's also a forum called Grabcad where you can download 3D objects made by other designers. I hope this helps.

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