CatweazleMagic .

CatweazleMagic .

Maker, 3D Artist, sculptorDordrecht, Netherlands
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Vanille Abdelnour
Sean Womersley
Martin M Cornfoot
CatweazleMagic .

CatweazleMagic .

Maker, 3D Artist, sculptorDordrecht, Netherlands
About me
I am spellbound by the way nature finds its way in all the little places, even of the most hardest environments: the city. Animals, plants, fungi and the little creepy crawlers even there know how to find a place to live and thrive in these strange rocky places where humans have created many caves they call home. I find that magic! I am also very interested in how human culture merges, fights, collaborates and mingles with nature. One thing is for sure: In the long run, nature always wins over human culture. There are too many sites where we dig up the physical remains of a once thriving culture which does not exist anymore. In my art I try to make this visible. I also have a very irregular blog:
  • Moby Tub Duck
    Moby Tub DuckThis piece, showing a rubber artefact, was originally collected by Lord Grimfist duke of the high marshes of Inverchairn. It was originally found on the tribe grounds of the Wajarapapi indigenous people. Who live deep in the rain forests, high upstream on the Amazon river. The eyes and mouth of the rubber artefact have been sewn tight, just as some Amazon indigenous tribes do with the heads of their killed enemies when the skulls are shrunken. The short arrow still sticking out of the body, in
  • Shrew Cow
    Shrew CowThe Common Green Shrew Cow (Microelephantis lonquesia) is the proof that dwarfing is not something wich only happens on a few isles in the Indonesian archipelago, but also on the Hebrides. Where this very small eliphant skims the rocks in search for algae, mosses and seaweed to graze on. Materials: steel, mirror glass, synthetic ruby.
  • The Krocomadura
    The KrocomaduraThe Krocomadura ( crocomadura sp.) grows on only on the boggy fields of the litle isle Maupikatikadat. Which is, as a matter of facts, part of the Tua Moto archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. This plant forages mainly on white mice and hamsters, which it grabs with a quick sideway brush of it's flower. The herein shown specimen is originaly collected by Captain Cook. It surveyves already 265 year in "The natural history museum' of London, on a diet of water and labratory mice. Materials: glas, p
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  • 3D CAD
  • Blender 3D
  • Basic Metalwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Milling
    BEng Mechanical EngineeringRotterdam University of Applied Sciences
     - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Bachelor training for mechanical engineer.
    Benchfitter-welderVakschool NS
     - Haarlem, Netherlands
    Benchfitter training