CatweazleMagic .

CatweazleMagic .

Maker, 3D Artist, sculptorDordrecht, Netherlands
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Grégoire A. Meyer
Denise Chippindale
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CatweazleMagic .

CatweazleMagic .

Maker, 3D Artist, sculptorDordrecht, Netherlands
About me
I am spellbound by the way nature finds its way in all the little places, even of the most hardest environments: the city. Animals, plants, fungi and the little creepy crawlers even there know how to find a place to live and thrive in these strange rocky places where humans have created many caves they call home. I find that magic! I am also very interested in how human culture merges, fights, collaborates and mingles with nature. One thing is for sure: In the long run, nature always wins over human culture. There are too many sites where we dig up the physical remains of a once thriving culture which does not exist anymore. In my art I try to make this visible. I also have a very irregular blog:
  • Shrew Cow
    Shrew CowThe Common Green Shrew Cow (Microelephantis lonquesia) is the proof that dwarfing is not something wich only happens on a few isles in the Indonesian archipelago, but also on the Hebrides. Where this very small eliphant skims the rocks in search for algae, mosses and seaweed to graze on. Materials: steel, mirror glass, synthetic ruby.
  • The Krocomadura
    The KrocomaduraThe Krocomadura ( crocomadura sp.) grows on only on the boggy fields of the litle isle Maupikatikadat. Which is, as a matter of facts, part of the Tua Moto archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. This plant forages mainly on white mice and hamsters, which it grabs with a quick sideway brush of it's flower. The herein shown specimen is originaly collected by Captain Cook. It surveyves already 265 year in "The natural history museum' of London, on a diet of water and labratory mice. Materials: glas, p
  • Whithout Title 2
    Whithout Title 2This object, which is attributed to Zwerk the greasy one, a kin from the 8th century.It was found back in the stables of a farmer, who used it the deposit his tools. Materials: steel, glas, tourmaline, synthetic ruby.
  • 3D CAD
  • Blender 3D
  • Basic Metalwork
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Milling
    BEng Mechanical EngineeringRotterdam University of Applied Sciences
     - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Bachelor training for mechanical engineer.
    Benchfitter-welderVakschool NS
     - Haarlem, Netherlands
    Benchfitter training