Moby Tub Duck

  • CatweazleMagic .

This piece, showing a rubber artefact, was originally collected by Lord Grimfist duke of the high marshes of Inverchairn. It was originally found on the tribe grounds of the Wajarapapi indigenous people. Who live deep in the rain forests, high upstream on the Amazon river. The eyes and mouth of the rubber artefact have been sewn tight, just as some Amazon indigenous tribes do with the heads of their killed enemies when the skulls are shrunken. The short arrow still sticking out of the body, indicates it has probably been shot. The piece is enriched with beads, shells and shards of mirror glass.

Has anybody seen my rubber duck? It was last seen on the Amazon river, swimming upstream while mumbling in itself.
The kids are inconsolable.
But wait a minute, rubber ducks should not float on streams, rivers, sea’s or oceans. They should float in tubs, where they belong, being squeezed by kids or coders.
So please, don’t pollute the environment. Because we need it for our food, our drinks and the air we breathe.