Looking for junior video editor to whip up a 6 month celebration/come and collaborate promo video for my YouTube channel. Get in touch ASAP.


  • Hello, Charlie!

    I'm a portuguese filmmaker, video editor and super love of photojornalism. I'd love to hear more about your idea and work with you.
    Here's my website: anamariaadinis.myportfolio.com
    See you soon,
    Ana Maria Dinis
  • Hi Charlie,
    I run a content creation agency that specialises in video content creation from filming to editing and delivery.
    You can see lots of our work at www.mediamavericks.co.uk, let me know what you think and ping me back for a conversation.
    Kind Regards,
  • Hello Charlie! Hope you are doing well. Congratulations on the 6 month anniversary!

    I have created and edited my own short film projects and am looking to enter the post-production end of the industry. Should you choose to grant me the opportunity, I would be very interested in collaborating with you on this!

    Please see my work to date here: https://kaancakanisik.wixsite.com/kcfilmandcreatives

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,


  • Hey charlie!
    I am interested!
    Please have a look at my portfolio https://valentinacatenacci.wixsite.com/website
  • Hi Charlie! Hope you're doing great!

    My name is Marise Barbosa Noronha. I'm a recent Masters graduate in Filmmaking. Your job requirement sounds like a perfect match for me.

    You can check out my website here: www.mariselia.com

    My personal Instagram profile: @galaxymars

    Hope to hear from you!


  • Hi Charlie,
    Congratulations on 6 months anniversary.
    I'd be interested in collaborating with you on your youtube promo video. I'm a photographer recently turned to video making and editing - apart from my own projects most of editing work I currently do is for Teenage Cancer Trust.
    Have a look at my profile at The Dots and let me know your thoughts!


  • Hey Charlie,

    I'm a part of a freelance marketplace where creatives co-operate in a friendly and professional space. If you need single hand, I'd love to assist. For Long Term Collab, my team will be available.

    If this interests you, we can have a conversation.

    Pingback and we can make something happen.
  • Hi Charlie,

    I run a creative media agency that specialises in Videography and Video Editing. I am very interested in collaborating with you on this project.

    Drop me an email at info@thepip.co if you are interested in working together. You can view some of our most recent video editing work at www.thepip.co/work/video

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