Looking for Podcast/Youtube series recommendations!

Wondering if anyone has listened/watched any good small-business based podcast/Youtube series recently?

Looking to learn a bit more about how to use social media more effectively.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thank you


  • @Natacha Oliveira @Oda Margrethe Lilleaasen

    Thank you so much - I find to hard to know where to start with podcasts so this is super helpful!
  • Hi Ruth! I’ll mention a few of my favourites that in general are for freelancers and people in creative professions:

    Creative Pep Talk (podcast perfect for illustrators, and episode 304 is about social media)
    Being Freelance (interview podcast)
    That Creative Life (podcast by Sara Dietschy)
    925 Podcast

    And then I will also recommend you a video from photographer Chris Hau on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FU9prEsrQsM

    Also Sorelle Amore has some good videos for small businesses in general, and she is really good at building her social media.

    Fran Meneses and Furrylittlepeach are illustrators you might already have heard of, who I absolutely recommend. Did you know of them from before?

    Hope this could be of any help!

    Also if you want to connect on Instagram you can find me @ owlarts :)

  • Try The Futur on Youtube. It's not small-business but there's so much to learn from Chris Do and everyone on his team. :)

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