Looking for type/font designers who can create a font to a brief


  • Hey! I’m Yağmur. I’m an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. I have worked with many brands including Adobe, L’Officiel, A2IM Libera Awards and Adidas.
    You can find similar projects on my website: https://www.designed-by-yagmur.com
    Feel free to send me a message or e-mail.
  • Hi Tony! Very interested (and with an experience in this)!

    I am Liana, Art Director/ Illustrator based in UK. You can see samples of my work here https://www.lianamavronanou.com/ as well as IG https://www.instagram.com/liana_mavronanou/ . Latest clients are: MoonPay, Sister Jane, Olympic Airways Jewellery, Ruth Peterson and more.
    On a similar project related to create custom titles I was commissioned creating a custom font for MoonPay : https://www.lianamavronanou.com/vikfkq84calrs3vk1k0ysvh3p2w93

    Looking forward hearing back from you!
    Liana Mavronanou
  • Hi Tony,

    I design type and have created a custom font for a band in the past - you can see some of my type work on my site here:

  • Hi Tony! I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with typeface design experience :) You can check my portfolio here https://www.vezenev.com/

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