looking past gender, what is it you want people to see you as? Working on a genderless campaign for a brand.

Would love some interesting insight into how you want people to perceive you. What is the first thing you want people to see in you. The concept for my campaign is shedding light on how we need to see the person, not the gender.

I Will be using anonymous quotes for the branding, so please let me know if I can use yours! If you're okay with being quoted by name, I will give you a special thanks at the end of my brand campaign.


  • @Lydia Cline Thank you so much for your response! I am creating a campaign for Mary Kay, a competititon on ArtsThread. It is a campaign to get women aged 20-25 interested in the brand. I want to take a new approach for Mary Kay, and make their branding and campaign more inclusive, and less overly feminine. Femininity is beautiful, but not all women fit into that 'box'. And I want Mary Kay to be a beauty and welness brand for any type of woman, person, being. Especially since the younger generation is focusing more and more on gender fluidity, and inclusivity.
  • I want to be seen as a generous, open person; who gives more than they get, and lifts up anyone who comes into my life. Equally I'm not afraid to be silly, laugh at myself and recognise my own faults. I'm told I'm funny quite often - which apparently women aren't 'allowed' to be. Throughout my career and especially since founding my own business I've pushed back on sexist comments and avoided using my gender as a weapon or tool because I thought it would detract from my credibility. Having said that, once a month I suffer terribly with homrones and turn into a weepy, sensitive mess. I think there should be recognition of how difficult it is for a lot of women, especially if you're working in a role of high stress and responsiblity.
  • My hardwork and talent. I worked hard throughout my life and spent years refining my skills and talents even if I was born with it. I spent more time refining my craft than I did on beauty and make up. I was often underestimated because I'm a woman. So when they saw my level of intelligence and skills suddenly it was 'oh so you're not just a pretty face'. When I tell people I'm a creative they underestimate just how talented I am because they're blinded by my appearance as a woman. I'm more interested in the value a person can bring to the world than their gender, appearance, race, religion etc. But people don't place enough emphasis on it.
  • genuine & trying

    ignoring gender, background, looks etc.

    your project sounds lovely, best of luck with it, of course you can quote me if it helps :)
  • I love this!

    Honestly, to me, gender is so irrelevant to personhood, beyond the societal cages it builds for all people. I believe everyone ultimately just want to be seen and feel respected–and gender is just one of the many things that can (sometimes, on the negative end of the spectrum), create barriers, assumptions and misdirections.

    As for the thing I want people to first see in me (and in all people, really): a reason for curiosity, because curiosity leads to questions, and questions lead to conversations that let us be a little more in control of our own narratives. We can tell our own stories that way, and connect.

    Your project sounds interesting and I would love to see it in action if you can share it once it's completed! Happy for you to use my first name if the above is useful, but not fussed either way.
  • I’d love to not have my body or appearance play apart in anything. I’d love to not have to tone-police bc I’m scared that people will see me as bossy or rude or mean or whatever. I guess the prob is that people will always see me as my gender. Interested in how your gonna do genderless campaign - what’s it for?

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