Looking to commission some video content featuring Own Art galleries to use as examples of digital marketing and e-commerce integration

As part of the training programme, Creative United would like to commission some video content featuring several galleries that can be held up as examples of best practices with regards to the use of digital marketing and Own Art e-commerce integration. This content would form part of the webinar training and be used more widely by Creative United in the marketing and promotion of the Own Art scheme.


  • @Emmanuel Benjamin Hi Emmanuel, we're based in London but the work is looking likely to be more North of England as we're selecting galleries outside of London for this specific project.
  • May I have your email, to send over my resume? Thank you
  • This sounds great, really interesting project, I’m a videographer and editor. Here is my work: www.nikolaauterska.com
    Let me know if you’d like more info ~ nikola_auterska@outlook.com

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